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Player Profile: Bob Cavazos

A departure from Purdue for this player profile. Bob came to both Cup and Nationals to coach however, so he is part of the team to us! I only have pics of Bob coaching, so photo credit for the bottom photo goes to Endemic Paintball.


Bob Cavazos

Nickname: Heard them all (Bobby Boucher, Bob The Builder, Bob Saget, etc.)
Occupation/Major in School:  Senior in Business Administration at the University of Illinois in Springfield
Hometown:  Winthrop Harbor, Illinois

Team:  Endemic, LSD

Sponsors:  CPX Sports, KEE Action Sports, Ninja Air, 7Paintball Store, Empire

Position:  Snake and snake only. I won’t always be able to sacrifice my body to the sport, but while I’m young and fast, I will. I love the feeling prior to the buzzer of being able to take off as fast as I can, diving head first behind a bunker. There’s little more addicting in this world that I know of than having the other team worried about me in the snake and focusing a lot of their paint on me. Even better, them not knowing I’m in there and me lighting them up.

How long you have been playing:   Started in the backyard with friends from school in 7th grade… that would make it about 9 years.

Favorite field:  Sponsorships aside, hands down it has to be Pekin Paintball Park in Pekin, Illinois. I worked there for about a year and a half and got really close with the staff there. Made countless friends, had a blast being a ref and teaching the youngsters, plus it is outdoor turf with regulation PSP/NPPL field and bunkers. How can you beat that?

How did you first become interested in the sport:  Back in 7th grade a few friends from school were talking about paintball and had brought in some magazines. It looked like so much fun. I told them I had a wooded area in my backyard that I used to play airsoft in with my closest friends and it would be awesome if they came over that weekend to check it out. Got hooked ever since, never regretted a single dollar spent on the sport.

Why do you play: The biggest reason of course is the adrenaline rush. That feeling in you when you can feel your heart pounding is extremely addicting. Ego plays a small part as well, I desire to be better than my competitors and to be able to do it with my best friends is all the motivation I need. I’ve met countless friends through paintball, and have been able to travel and share memories with them I can never forget.

Equipment: Currently shooting a reverse regal Planet Eclipse GEO 2.1 with a rotor, and a Ninja air tank.

Notable wins or tournaments: Unfortunately I haven’t had a first place finish yet. I’ve had second place finishes, and plenty of third place finishes with my best friends and I wouldn’t trade any of those memories for a first place spot. Any tournament that involves significant travel is always a blast for me. The shenanigans in the car, the hotel, and on the field are well worth the sacrifice to play the sport.

Things you are looking forward to  in the upcoming year:   I’m getting really excited to play my first Division 3 X-Ball tournament at the 2012 Chicago PSP this year. The new group of guys I’ll be with should be a fun addition to the current best friends I have.

Favorite paintball memory: The one that comes to mind was at a small local field by my hometown. Myself and David Loper were done with practice for the day but had plenty of paint to shoot off. So we just jumped into a walk on game and had a hail of fire dropped onto us. Now Dave is a comforting individual, so I loudly yelled for Dave to “be my bunker” and he obliged… he saved me that day.

Biggest piece of advice: Set your ego aside, no one likes “that guy” that has to verbally let everyone know he thinks he’s the sh*t. Keep your mouth shut about your game, tag up to the start box and let your game do your talking for you.

Favorite pro team or player: Lucian Blackburn. This guy’s mentality is similar to my own. I want to get in my competitor’s face. If you’re not familiar with him, watch Cereal Killerz 2. “I like that feeling of this team had better put extra guns on me, because if they don’t then I’m gonna come and get ‘em.” -LB

Fun fact:  I’m a lefty, and I’m also the whitest full blooded Mexican that you’ll ever meet.  : )


Nationals: Purdue v. Army

Win against Army 7-4. If there is ever a military draft, Purdue better watch out!

Pictures from Purdue v. Temple: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10101242863144140.3085336.4902843&type=3

Rob Trinkle:

Alex Bilse:

Nick Burchard:

Ryan Jasper:

Dan Norcross:

Jake Loiben:

Ade Dillon:

Joe Bedree:

James Allen:

Shelby Foster:

Ben Evans:

End of match:

Shout out to Staff

A little shout out to the Staff who traveled to Nationals, 3 of which are on the Purdue Team as well (Tyler, Chris and I.) They traveled far and worked hard to support the team!

Coach: Bob Cavazos

Coach/Pit: Chris Reed

Pit/Pods: Tyler Fields

Photographer: Me : ) Not surprisingly, the only picture I’m in from the entire weekend.

Pit: Nile Seward and Megan Ruder

2nd Annual MBA Paintball Game

Very happy to say that the 2nd Annual MBA Paintball Game occurred without a hitch. Unfortunately due to the rush to finish schoolwork a lot of people had to back out last minute. However, we still had about 35 people show up and play until 8pm! Everyone who came had a great time with some calling for 2 games a year. (Don’t want to ruin the hype of the yearly event though, and my events budget was not conducive to that occurring. I was Vice President of Events for the MBA program, and my first duty in office last year was the game last year and rather fittingly, this was my last event. My successor plans to continue this forward.) The way we arrange it was splitting the cost of playing between the graduate student government and the students attending making it more affordable. Who wouldn’t play paintball for 3 hours for $10?! I am always happy to share the sport with people for the first time. And props to the first years for beating the second years/graduating class. Thank you to my Purdue paintball boys who reffed and played a demo game for the MBA students: Jake Loiben, Shelby Foster and Drew Alford. Love you guys! Looking for a fun fraternity outing or club event? Paintball Barn is awesome and great for groups.

Thanks to everyone who came out, especially my classmates. It has been an honor and a privilege to serve as your VP of Events as well as have your support for the Krannert Outstanding Achievement Award 2 years in a row. I hope I have enriched your MBA experience at least a little bit with one of the events over the last year!

Player Profile: Dan Norcross

Dan Norcross

Nickname: Back in the day I used to go by Little Dan, not so little anymore.
Occupation/Major in School:  
Paper chaser/sophomore/Management & Accounting
Hometown:  Anoka, Minnesota

Team:  Purdue X-Ball

Sponsors: Paintball BarnPaintball PlexHammerhead,  Rockstar Energy Drinks, Sly Equipment, Vintage Paintball Park

Position: I think one of the best things going for me is that I can play nearly everywhere despite my height (6’4”). I was raised playing streetball with whomever I could find, so playing every spot on the field was how I was brought up. However more often than not you can find me in a corner, the dorito side, or occasionally breaking up the center.

How long you have been playing:  Going on about 8 years strong now…wow that went fast.

Favorite field:  Vintage Paintball Park. Best fields, best people to play against, and just an overall great atmosphere to be in.

How did you first become interested in the sport:  I started out like most people playing with a few of my friends from school in the woods, after about three outings we thought we we’re pretty slick and entered a 3man league at a local field. We got beat down for about 6 weeks without winning a game, but it was the most fun thing I’ve ever done. To this day I remember the feeling I had after I played my first point, it was amazing and I’ll never forget it.

Why do you play:  In all honesty I think I play more for the things that happen outside the net rather than the ones inside. Paintball has taught me a lot about life, and more importantly about myself. Without it I would’ve never had the friends I have, traveled the places I’ve been, or tasted the food I’ve eaten. It’s given me about 90% of the amazing memories I have in my life and I’m ever grateful. Outside of the shenanigans that I manage to get into while not playing, I love the game, plain and simple. Paintball is very tenacious in that no two games are ever the same, and nobody has it exactly figured out; too much is left to chance, or luck as some call it. I’ve never played a sport where winning feels this good and loosing feels that awful. The feeling you get when you pull a sick move or win a big point for your team puts you on top of the world, and I guess you could say chasing that feeling every weekend is why I play.

Equipment: Dye gear has always been my favorite, I had the privilege of being sponsored by them for two full seasons on Shock-Kidz and Velocity Wrecking Crew and I’ve been partial ever since. Outside of that I wear Sly goggles and a Sly pack.

Notable wins or tournaments: I have yet to win a national event actually, the closest I ever came was Chicago 09’ when I took 2nd in D2 xball with Velocity Wrecking Crew. Outside of that I’d say the best experience I’ve had were the two times I’ve played on pro Sunday, (D.C. 2010 & 11). There’s really no comparison, biggest stage, big lights, big pressure. It’s the greatest place to be on the field.

Things you are looking forward to  in the upcoming year:  Enjoying the ride.

Favorite paintball memory: World Cup 2008 with Shock Kidz. We had just beat Palm Beach Vipers to advance into the final 4 in the pouring rain, we had a huddle right after the match and with all my best friends around me soaking wet I thought to myself “where else would I rather be right now?”. I thought without a doubt in my mind we were going to win that tournament, perfect team, perfect gear, perfect conditions. In my eyes, that team was perfect, however we lost our next match in overtime and placed 3rd at the tournament. I still look back at pictures from that event and think how did we not pull it off…

Biggest piece of advice: Above all just have fun, once you stop having fun you might as well pack up and leave. There’s no money here, no endorsements, no boosters. The only thing you are going to get out of this simple game is a smile on your face at the end of the day, if it’s not going to give you that find a different hobby.

Favorite pro team or player: Aaron Tholey has taught me pretty much everything I know since I was a young pup (about 15 I think), he’s one of my best friends and still somebody I look up to in the sport. My favorite team of all time will forever be the Oakland Assassins, those guys were hard; they put it on people and looked mean while doing it. It’s too bad that only one or two of them even play anymore.

Fun fact:  When it comes down to it I really am a big paintball nerd, I rarely get to actually chat with somebody that knows what they’re talking about when it comes to guns or anything else that relates to the sport, so when that happens I usually go off and get really excited.

Nationals: Purdue v. Temple

Our first match of the day on Friday was against Temple. 7 of us flew down, and the rest made the 18+ hour drive from Indiana to Florida along with the gear bags. Thank you very much to the Leamers whose son played on the team a number of years ago, yet remain a strong supporter of the team. Our first match was slotted for 8am on Friday. Shockingly our team was not only on time, but early and ready to play. However, the field was working on normal “paintball time” and we began after 10am.

In comparison to World Cup, we had a varied set of guys play at Nationals. The roster is below:


Ryan Jasper
Nick Burchard
Dan Norcross
Alex Bilse
Rob Trinkle
Jake Loiben
Ade Dillon
Shelby Foster
Joe Bedree
James Allen
Ben Evans

Staff and Coaching:

Heather Owens
Chris Reed
Tyler Fields
Bob Cavazos
Nile Seward
Megan Ruder

Interestingly, RJ, Nick and Rob were part of the 2009 team that won Nationals. Coming out of “retirement” with the Purdue team, they decided to play together for one last time, as all 3 are graduating this spring (RJ and Rob from grad school and Nick from undergrad.) Additionally, Alex Bilse was also part of the 2009 Nationals team. They, along with Dan Norcross played as the primary line 1. Purdue’s strategy for the competition was not to underestimate any team we played for the day. Line 1 and 2 interchangeably played points to keep energy up and time to pod. We came out of the gate a bit slow with getting used to the field. I don’t think it helped that there was a long time of sitting around, but ready to play. However, Purdue after the first 5 minutes really hit their stride coming from behind. The final score was 6-5.

Pictures from Purdue v. Temple: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10101242303710250.3085241.4902843&type=1

Team before the first match:

Rob Trinkle:

Alex Bilse:

Nick Burchard:

Ryan Jasper:

Dan Norcross:

Jake Loiben:

Ade Dillon:

Joe Bedree:

James Allen:

Shelby Foster:

Ben Evans: (Sorry Ben, it was too good not to post.)

End of match:

I will post about the other 3 matches following.

Spring Paintball

So over spring break I took my boyfriend to play paintball in Georgia. (The first time we had played together, but I believe he had played twice before.) We had a great time. There were some xball players there, however their home field team was at the Galveston PSP event. The staff was insanely nice and they even have “play 6 times, get the 7th free.” We played a mix of hyperball and scenario because there were the more beginner players playing those fields. It was more about having fun with my bf than trying to be super competitive. Just want to give a shout out to the field for a great time. If you’re in Georgia stop on by: http://www.classic-paintball.com/

Also, Purdue went to NCPA Nationals this past weekend in Lakeland, Florida. I will do a couple posts regarding Nationals. Here is a little preview. Also coming up is the 2nd annual MBA game at Paintball Barn next Monday! Want to see my pictures from Nationals before I post them here? Head over to my Twitter: https://twitter.com/howensuga

Below is snake player Rob Trinkle

and Dan Norcross