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2nd Annual MBA Paintball Game

Very happy to say that the 2nd Annual MBA Paintball Game occurred without a hitch. Unfortunately due to the rush to finish schoolwork a lot of people had to back out last minute. However, we still had about 35 people show up and play until 8pm! Everyone who came had a great time with some calling for 2 games a year. (Don’t want to ruin the hype of the yearly event though, and my events budget was not conducive to that occurring. I was Vice President of Events for the MBA program, and my first duty in office last year was the game last year and rather fittingly, this was my last event. My successor plans to continue this forward.) The way we arrange it was splitting the cost of playing between the graduate student government and the students attending making it more affordable. Who wouldn’t play paintball for 3 hours for $10?! I am always happy to share the sport with people for the first time. And props to the first years for beating the second years/graduating class. Thank you to my Purdue paintball boys who reffed and played a demo game for the MBA students: Jake Loiben, Shelby Foster and Drew Alford. Love you guys! Looking for a fun fraternity outing or club event? Paintball Barn is awesome and great for groups.

Thanks to everyone who came out, especially my classmates. It has been an honor and a privilege to serve as your VP of Events as well as have your support for the Krannert Outstanding Achievement Award 2 years in a row. I hope I have enriched your MBA experience at least a little bit with one of the events over the last year!


Player Profile: Chris Reed

Chris Reed

Nickname: Jorts
Full-time Student, Junior, Network Engineering Technology
Hometown:  Beaverton, OR

Team:  Purdue, random teams when a tournament comes calling

Sponsors: Paintball BarnPaintball PlexHammerheadCrossfireNCL WorldwideRockstar Energy Drinks

Position: I say I play mid, but I am an aggressive player and almost always am in the front, but never on snake side. I’ve been known to play back when needed during a game, but I prefer mid/front.

How long you have been playing: About 6 years

Favorite field:  Proving Grounds back in the day. Great atmosphere and great fields, always people to play with.

How did you first become interested in the sport:  My friend asked me one Thursday at lunch If I wanted to play in a woodsball paintball tournament on Saturday. I said sure and was hooked ever since.

Why do you play:  For the thrill, I love playing tournaments because there’s more excitement and it’s more intense, but just shooting around and messing around with friends is fun.

Equipment: 2010 Planet Eclipse Ego, Purdue Crossfire Tank, Dye Rotor, Dye Ultralite/Hammerhead Barrel Kit, XSV Clutch Pants, Eclipse Elbow pads, Empire Events, Nike Cleats, Planet Eclipse Barrel Condom.

Notable wins or tournaments: MPPL Event 3, Second Place with Chi-town Fury. Paintball Plex 3 man, 4th Place. A bunch of smaller tournaments with places in top 5.

Things you are looking forward to  in the upcoming year:  NCPA Nationals with Purdue

Favorite paintball memory: I feel like after every event there’s something I’ll remember such as: that one game where if we would have gotten a call our way we would have won, or that one move that won us the game. Basically every event I have a favorite memory. Most recently it was a two on one for my team my player died and it was a one on one. I had say 20-40 paintballs, but I only needed one. It was the game that advanced us into semi-finals. I did a quick one shot snap shot and won the game for us.

Biggest piece of advice: Just remember gear isn’t everything. When I first started I wanted the nice clothes and best upgrades on my gun. Yet now five years later I play with a falling apart mask, pants that are 5 years old, an xxl black long sleeve from Walmart, a sandana that is just black. I usually never wash my clothes either (unless absolutely needed). Some of the best players I’ve known shot 4 or 5 year old guns and revvy loaders. Just saying, it’s a sport not a style.

Favorite pro team or player: Thomas “Troll” Taylor, #77 (XSV)

Fun fact: I have a separated shoulder which kept me out from playing my freshman year. I have a brother and sister that also attend(ed) Purdue.

Other comments: Always have fun, even in a tournament, you may hate one of your teammates for one game, but they will redeem themselves in another, even if they don’t they’re your teammate, remember that.

Player Profile: Jake Loiben

Jake is the President of the Purdue Paintball Club and an awesome leader for the team! In addition to his profile, he answers some questions about Purdue’s upcoming season.

Jake Loiben

Nickname: Loibsauce
Restaurant (jack of all trades), Junior at Purdue majoring in Multidisciplinary Engineering
Hometown:  Chicago, IL

Team:  Purdue, Project Mayhem, Joyride

Sponsors: Paintball Barn, Paintball Plex, Hammerhead, Crossfire, NCL Worldwide, Rockstar Energy Drinks

Position: I usually play the back line or doritos

How long you have been playing:  8 years

Favorite field:  The Paintball Barn, because the owner Micah has taken such amazing care of us throughout the years and it’s close to campus.

How did you first become interested in the sport:  I played for the first time at my friend’s 12th birthday party. We went to a woodsball field in Gurnee, IL called Paintball Blitz. Both of us got hooked and quickly bought our own guns, but I stuck with it throughout high school and eventually started playing PSP events. The rush you get at a national event is incredible.

Why do you play:  I’ve played hockey, football, baseball, basketball, soccer, and just about every other mainstream sport out there. Nothing comes close to the intensity of tournament paintball and no sport has as strong an emphasis on both individual skills and teamwork as paintball does.

Equipment: I shoot an 07 Ego with a Dye Rotor, Hammerhead carbon fiber barrel kit, Crossfire 68/45, and Dye i3 Pros are my mask of choice.

Notable wins or tournaments: My team finished in the top 4 at the 2010 PSP Chicago Open.

Things you are looking forward to  in the upcoming year:  PSP World Cup and NCPA Nationals. Oh, and getting my girlfriend to play. I’m sure she’d love to shoot me after all the phone calls I get about paintball whenever she comes over.

Favorite paintball memory: Making it to the finals at the 2010 PSP Chicago Open playing with my friends. We had a great time, plenty of hilarious bloopers throughout prelims, and the 6 inches of mud on every field made for an interesting playing experience to say the least.

Biggest piece of advice:I’ve always found that no matter how thoroughly you plan out an event in paintball, things will never go as expected. If I were to give one piece of advice to a new player, it would be to treat every event as a learning experience and make the most out of it even if things don’t go your way. There’s always another tournament and there’s always another adventure to be had. There’s no reason to hold grudges or get yourself worked up about that one bad call. In the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t matter.

Favorite pro team or player: My favorite pro team is San Diego Dynasty. I’ve been watching them since the day I started playing and I get to staff for them at PSP events. I learn so much from them and can apply many of the things they do to my own playing skills or my team. My favorite player on Dynasty is Alex “Mouse” Goldman, who is a great snake player and even walked the fields with my Purdue teammates at the most recent PSP event just to give them pointers and suggestions. He’s a stand up guy.

Big plans for the Purdue Team: When I began to plan out the 2011-12 season, I had four specific goals in mind. I want to take podium at any local event we play, win the college world cup, dramatically expand our recreational player base, and of course, win the national championship.

Planned Tournaments: Our two largest events of the year will be PSP World Cup and NCPA National Championships. We also plan on competing in the MWXL and Plex series.

If someone is interested in playing for Purdue, what are the qualifications/process for making the team? The only qualification to make the team is that you’re a full time Purdue student. The process for making the team involves trying out, making the cut, and being a good fit in our team; our family. We hold tryouts in September every year and usually take ~15 players for xball and the rest are invited to play 5-man until they’re ready for xball. Every player, including past Purdue players, must try out every year. For students that transfer mid-year or miss tryouts, we’d have to handle that on a case by case basis.

Fun fact: Heather Owens is an awesome photographer, but I can’t say the same for her hugs. (My response to that Jake: You guys are all like 12 years old. Don’t want to walk that fine line of sexual harassment of a minor. I’ll step it up next time.)

Other comments: Thank you for coming out to all our events Heather! (This year I’m actually going to play… and of course keep photographing and blogging!)

Player Profile: Jordan Walker

Shame on me for the delay in updating. I haven’t had much to say as I haven’t been playing lately. The internship and going to DCI shows has taken up a lot of my time. So to keep this going until the fall or the next time I play, I will be posting a series of paintball player profiles. Who more appropriate than the person who dragged me along to the first paintball tournament this year but to start the profiles with Jordan. Enjoy.

Jordan Walker

Nickname:  Dr. House/Cripple/Gimpy/Old Balls
Occupation:  May 2011 Graduate Ungainfully Unemployed
Hometown:  Avon, IN

Team:  Purdue (former), looking…

Position: Back/Fill

Sponsors:  Team Sponsors + Local Store and Field

How long you have been playing:  9 years on and off

Favorite field:  Fort Knox – It’s Casual/Scenario Heaven, even if they don’t cater to my preferred play style.

How did you first become interested in the sport:  Started playing with some friends in a car dump that someone owned with guns bought from Wal-Mart/Galyan’s.  Used to bust windshields with Co2 tanks… how smart.

Why do you play:  Adrenaline, pure and simple.

Equipment:  Etek3, Rotor, Ninja 68/45, Critical 4+3.

Notable wins or tournaments:  N/A, casual for the most part.

Things you are looking forward to  in the upcoming year:  Depends on what my job situation looks like, but I’d like to continue to play and get better, maybe play local tournaments or NPPL/PSP events close to me.  Also, might be staffing for Purdue at NCPA.

Favorite paintball memory:  Fort Knox Big Game Purdue Wrecking Crew.

Biggest piece of advice:  Don’t be afraid of getting hit, it will ruin your day.  The apprehension is worse than the actual hit.

Favorite pro team or player:  Tyler Harmon, hilarious guy that’s coming up hard and fast. Favorite team is probably Joy Division (RIP), though I enjoy seeing Mutiny do well representing Indy.

Fun fact:  I play brass instruments and instruct musicians.

Rained Out

Well if I believed in Karma, I would say that I must have angered the universe, as Jordan and I got rained out both Saturday and Sunday from playing paintball even after I drove the 6 hours to Indianapolis. Of course it did not rain at Purdue though. So frustrating! All and all still a good weekend without playing. I also hung out with Eric (Eric and Jordan both play on the Purdue Paintball Team and helped with the MBA game). Eric is baller and plays with a pump. Pan and I are both trying to guilt him into carpooling with us to PSP next weekend. And now that I’m putting him on blast here, hopefully he will concede. Here is a picture of him playing at the MBA game. I mentioned a few posts ago I had a little snafu with a transaction purchasing a tank. I will update later this week before attending PSP, as said shifty salesman will be playing in the tournament.

No Play This Weekend

Sadly I have been sick for over a week now. I think it’s allergies (Madison is the #11 allergen city in the country). That said, I did not play this weekend. Masks are not very conducive to runny nose and coughing. Though next time I play in Wisconsin, I plan to go to another field I found not much further away than the other. Considering the unhappy commenter is an employee of the field mentioned previously, best to just leave that be. I am going back to Indiana next weekend and will either play at Paintball Barn or an Indy field. Hooray! Also congrats to Elliott, Mark and Chi Town Fury for making finals at their tournament!

Below is one of my favorites, Pan (though I could probably say that about all the Purdue guys) at a team tournament.

Purdue Paintball Practice

What a lovely 75 degree day here. I went out to the Purdue practice for a bit. I did not play due my fatigue. I only slept one hour on Friday due to the Big 10 Case Competition (where we placed 3rd). I photographed a bit. My mistake with the warm weather was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Photographing I have never been hit on my top half unless I ended up in a line behind snake. I rationalized getting hit on the bare leg was tolerable. Of course there is a first time for everything. J shot at Mike as he ran through to D1 to bunker him. I think J shot at him 12 times and only 2 burst… on me! I have some nice bloody welts now. Thanks to Zach who tried to cover me the best he could. The picture below shows the ball that resulted in the injuries. The rest of the new pictures are up in photobucket. As always, the Purdue guys are an absolute delight. I also have set the date for our MBA paintball game: April 14! I am hoping we get a decent number of people out to play as I know it will be a lot of fun. Not sure when the next update will be as I am at another case competition this upcoming weekend. I know some of the guys are getting together to play for J’s birthday though. Perhaps I will be able to join them on Sunday. In either case: Happy Birthday Jordan!!

The resulting injury pre-bruising: