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Chicago PSP

First off, sorry for not posting sooner as I have had internet problems this week. Second, I was walking down one of the busiest downtown streets in Madison after work still in my work attire: purple stilettos and a dress, rolling my duffel with my mask clipped to the outside carrying a box of pods. Let me tell you the odd looks I received… Gotta love the unexpected.

Next, I attended Chicago PSP this weekend and am certainly glad I did. I originally planned to only go on Saturday but ended up going both days when all the teams with people I know made finals. So initial thoughts on PSP: Well-organized and run event. It was at CPX Sports in Joilet, IL. It is a nice facility that looked to have some awesome rec fields I would like to try. Surprising to see something with this many people keep to schedule so well and even ahead of schedule in some instances. Also, it certainly draws an eclectic group: people with lots of tattoos, some odd piercings and hair, small children and even cute little Grandmas. It was nice to see all of these people (for the most part) be respectful to each other. Every now and then you will find there is a bozo who wants to yell for no reason other than to start a fuss, but any issues I was witness to came from coaches/spectators and not from the players themselves. I was also impressed with the Refs. That’s a tough job. People are never going to 100% agree with your calls but there were only a few instances where I completely disagreed and it was more whether something should be a minor instead of major penalty. The one dude in a kilt was awesome. (I will post some pictures between paragraphs to break it up a bit but I will preface with photographing outside the net is relatively disastrous. I took none the first day and only took about 100 the second day because I was asked to.)

Biggest surprise of the day: coaching. I did not realize how important coaching is during these games. The tournaments Purdue went to did not allow coaching so this was the first time I saw it in action. There is only coaching from the Snake side (hence all the pictures from that angle, poor Dorito side never gets any love). The players prep area is on the opposite side, which makes sense but kind of sucks as far as actual interaction and seeing people goes. Teams without coaching were at a serious disadvantage and I even saw a team I was hoping would make it further (no names here) get tripped up by a coach who said 1 player was left when there was 2. Serious downfall to the team and you might say it did them in. It is funny to see people get SO into the coaching: screaming at the top of their lungs until they lose their voices, using code names for the different bunkers, quite a sight. Worse than 1 bad coach though is 3 or 4 bad coaches. I think the saying there are too many cooks in the kitchen applies here. Players are trying their best to be alert and listen and when multiple people are yelling different things at the same time it turns into a bit of a CF. Coaching proved crucial to the pro players as well, with the Russians receiving direction in (shockingly) Russian, and Dynasty using huge signs to track where opposing players moved.

Going into the day, I had primarily come to watch Fury not realizing so many people I knew would be playing for various teams. That was a nice bonus and luckily none of them played each other so there was never a conflict of interest. Fury did amazing the first day. I only cheered for them because they wear black and green though… JUST KIDDING. Although their jerseys do look slick. They went in to Finals ranked first in D4. I believe they only lost 1 game up to that point. They were moving quickly and they seemed to conquer the other teams with ease. More than once I was left going, “Well that was quick.” Fury Gold, which is the second team, also made it to finals in 5th place. They seemed to be a bit more equally matched with the teams they played but were able to hold on in every game and out strategize their way to finals. What an awesome start to the weekend!

Sunday didn’t go quite as well as Saturday. There were some strong teams in D4 who definitely stepped it up during finals. I would not say either team played poorly, they simply got outplayed which is certainly the better way to lose. Fury placed 9th and Fury Gold placed 11th. Both teams making finals is a huge accomplishment though and I know they have a taste for blood and have no doubt they will place even higher at the next PSP event.

An additional disappointment was Team Betrayal. Those boys played hard for sure. The start of finals they essentially had no coaching which did not help their cause. Then they kept getting hit with penalties which I think made the Refs more strict looking for penalties moving forward. They were down 1, tied the next game, then in the final game ended up with a major penalty that appeared simultaneous with the flag capture. Without the benefit of the doubt on their side, the Refs gave the point to the opposing team leaving Betrayal playing for 3rd or 4th instead of 1st or 2nd. They finished strong in 3rd but it was disappointing to see them come so close to an overall win. Finally, Rapture and Hustle did not move on past the first round of Finals. I got to watch Rapture play and again this was another instance of being outplayed. Still loved to see my friends make it that far.

A few random thoughts throughout the day: First everyone assumed I was someone’s girlfriend and didn’t play. Valid I suppose seeing as I think I saw 2 girls play the entire day and I clearly wasn’t playing myself. I was hit with a rogue paintball when the net blew up (very windy day), and my black tank was quickly turned yellow and I swear everyone thought I was a delicate little flower who was going to cry. No, it was no big deal and didn’t even hurt. More comical looking than anything. I even called myself out from outside the nets (no accusations of wiping here, harhar). Also there seemed to be some issues with the buzzer and timer on the fields. The clock would hit 0 but there was a 1 second delay until the buzzer went off. The beginning of the day, this definitely threw people off, and then it seemed by the afternoon people were delaying too long expecting the discrepancy.

I enjoyed watching the professionals play, but less so than I assumed. I guess I have been spoiled by watching some really good players because while the pros were definitely a bit quicker, a bit better in strategizing and certainly knew how to shoot with amazing accuracy, I was not SO in awe. Still fun though to see the crowd rally behind one team or another, especially when it came down to Boston and Dynasty. Coming up on the 4th of July weekend, I could say I felt the need to support Dynasty, but really the decision was arbitrary (isn’t the quote “America F- yeah!” or something like that?). Most of the crowd seemed in support of the Russians. It was a very exciting last few minutes for sure when it was all tied up. Another surprising thing to me is that pros cheat. Maybe I don’t have the eyes for it, but I didn’t see it happen. Someone told me a player is known for wiping and did it on the field. You would think at this level of play that wouldn’t happen but I suppose that’s a strategy… I want to know how I can get the job of the Ref who lays in the middle of the field with a walkie talkie the whole time. Seems pretty sweet.

I am proud to say that the Purdue guys (both current players and alum) were all over the place this weekend.

Windy City Rapture: Zach
Chi Town Fury: Joe, Mark (who we’ll adopt as Purdue for all intents and purposes)
Team Betrayal: Alex, Rob, and 1 more person who I don’t know. A video by Social Paintball of them playing can be found here.
St. Louis Hustle: Andy
Assisting with Dynasty: Jake, Elliott, Javi
Moral support: Pan and I

Well hopefully this super long post has made up for my delay in writing. If you actually read the whole thing, you get a personal kudos from me!



Thank you everyone! So I started this blog in the middle of February and hit 500 views April 30th. Here we are a month and a half later and I’ve doubled to 1000 unique views. Via the analytics I am able to see that the search engines are now picking up my blog and only a small portion of visitors are being linked via my other personal sites. I am blessed to not only have my friends supporting this blog and letting me photograph/video/document them but also to have them teach me how to play paintball and welcome me with open arms. Especially my Purdue Paintball Guys. They have taught me how to play, let me tag along, served as refs, taught the MBAs how to play and all with patience, understanding and a lot of laughs and fun. They are always looking out for me, and I love them for it.

Below are pictures (courtesy of Mark) from last weekend’s MPPL tournament that Elliott and Mark competed in with Chi Town Fury (aw presh). You can see the team play at Chicago PSP on the 23-26. They will for sure be playing on that Saturday and hopefully in finals on Sunday. I know a group of the Purdue guys and I will be there to cheer them on. It is sure to be a fun and great event, and I can’t wait to see some of the pro teams in person.

No Play This Weekend

Sadly I have been sick for over a week now. I think it’s allergies (Madison is the #11 allergen city in the country). That said, I did not play this weekend. Masks are not very conducive to runny nose and coughing. Though next time I play in Wisconsin, I plan to go to another field I found not much further away than the other. Considering the unhappy commenter is an employee of the field mentioned previously, best to just leave that be. I am going back to Indiana next weekend and will either play at Paintball Barn or an Indy field. Hooray! Also congrats to Elliott, Mark and Chi Town Fury for making finals at their tournament!

Below is one of my favorites, Pan (though I could probably say that about all the Purdue guys) at a team tournament.

Summer Paintball

Finally a post about paintball again! I moved to Madison, Wisconsin last weekend to intern in the marketing department of Lands’ End. Which by the way, is going amazingly. But back to the point! I played at Apocalypse Paintball in Poynette, Wisconsin about 30 minutes from where I am staying. This is your typical rec facility: almost all woodsball, a few hyperball fields and apparently an airfield that was not set up. Setting up air bunkers is very time consuming and the average player coming to these facilities would probably rather play in the scenario fields anyway so I was neither surprised nor disappointed. They also seem to have quite a few airsoft events on their calendar.

There were numerous private groups that day and I would say between 30 and 40 walk on players during the time I was there (11am-3pm). The cost is what I would deem quite affordable: $10 bring your own paint fee, $12 play fee, $10 unlimited air fee. The paint they sell is quite pricey, but again this is tailored to the weekend player. I am going to have to purchase more elsewhere after this weekend. The demographic of people was also typical. They are mostly groups of friends, teenagers or kids just getting out and having fun. I would say maybe 6 people all day had their own gun, and 3 of those were not Tippmanns so I’ll let you make your own judgments on that. Also having the people shooting excessive amounts in the chrono area and just wasting paint shooting at nothing before and after games: annoying and novice. One thing I noticed here that was different than say Badlandz, is that no one really cares who you are. No one tried to introduce themselves, be friendly or anything of that nature (other than the front desk staff). I chatted up a few folks trying to be nice, but that seemed relatively futile. The exception would be Brian, who I spoke with on the PbNation forum beforehand. He also gave me some pods (courtesy of Dynasty) after I lost some on the field. Thanks Brian!

I found I did not shoot much paint this weekend. First with scenario play, the fields are so huge that unloading a lane from one tower to another will never reach. Additionally with beginning players, there is just less shooting overall and no reason to go crazy on trying to get people out. My Purdue Paintball guys will be proud that I played snake during our hyperball game and did a sweet half field run and bunkered the heck out of a guy. Woohoo! I only got shot on my person (during play) once. Successful I would say. The others were hopper shots. I need to work on hugging a little closer behind the bunkers. I survived most of the games. Now notice there is a contingency of “during play” in my previous statement. Here is where I will go into the less enjoyable part of Saturday: I have some concerns about the safety enforcement. Do I think this is an “unsafe” facility? No. Do I think there is a referee who needs to brush up on safety regulations? Yes.

First, no one ever checked the chrono on my gun. I did myself, so it was not a problem, but that could be an issue if someone was trying to purposely break the rules (we all know there are those few). I have a bright green gun, there was no mistaking it for a black Tippmann rental. I considered that a minor oversight however. Maybe they just trusted I knew what I was doing? Next were 2 issues I had while playing on the castle field. At this point there was  a CF of people. Too many for one game. Maybe 30? There was one girl who stuck her gun up one handed over a wall and shot. Regardless of this being a terrible strategic move, you really aren’t supposed to do it. It’s not safe, you could shoot someone in the face too closely. Just risks of dumb things happening. Well this girl (I say girl, but she was probably 17-19) is on my team. I very nicely say to her, “Hey, try not to blind shoot. It can be dangerous.” With her redneck accent and nasty attitude replies to me, “Well I am no expert like YOU. But I’ll do what I want!”. I again, super nicely said, “Well it’s against the rules and I just don’t want you to sit out for it.” Fastforward a few minutes and I’m in a tower with a bunch of folks and we are getting hammered by a tower diagonal from us. We need someone to get from the 2nd level to the 3rd so I team up with a guy to block the entrance so he can climb up. Of course I get shot but he gets up and later gets 3 folks from that angle. Taking one for the team.

This leads to the 2nd problem. The castle only has a few ramps up to the second level (where I am) and I have to walk all the way around the perimeter to get down. So I just raise my hand and start walking slow enough so it is more obvious I am not in play. I am approaching the ramp and a guy from the other team runs up and bonus balls me like crazy. I think he got 8-10 shots off on me and he was not Mr. Speedy Fingers. He also was clearly not a first time player. It was so excessive I literally was able to yell “I’m out!” 4 times before he stopped shooting me. Of course I was NOT happy. That is ridiculous. He said I didn’t have my hand up. Amazing I made it all the way around the perimeter of the castle without a shot even towards me until that point. So I fussed at him saying “Dude! My hand was up! You could tell I was out!”. So he says to me, “This is paintball, you get shot!”. I said, “You can shoot me all day long in play. I am not afraid to get shot. But I was OUT and you knew it.” So we’re waiting for the end of play and the ref is by me and I say “Hey, some people are blindshooting, just so you know.” He replied, “There is nothing we can do about that. We tell them the rules at the beginning and hey if they aren’t looking where they are shooting, more opportunity for you to shoot them!” I say, “Well first of all, the person I saw do it is on my own team, I am not going to shoot them. And second, perhaps it warrants a bit of a reminder what the rules are.” He also saw the bonus baller and I fussing about his absurdity. So after the game, the ref proceeds to remind everyone it is not a good idea to blind shoot because it is a bad strategy and you don’t know what you are shooting at and he has already been “shot in the nuts” once today and there is nothing worse than that (no mention of the rules or reasons why not to do it). Also, that in paintball you are going to get shot in play and out of play and that’s just how paintball is and that anyone who disagrees with that is making it not fun. My jaw about hit the floor. If we didn’t have only one more game to go I would have left right then and there. Let me tell you why: It is not about being afraid to get hit, it is about making it safe for everyone.

Paintball is fun because safety should never even be an issue. For instance, when the MBAs came out, a couple people kept lifting up their masks. One of the refs (from the Purdue team) came over to me and said he was sorry but that he would have to sit people out if they did it again. I told him to go right ahead, that it was appropriate. Once you have to worry about the enforcement of rules and your own safety you can’t focus on the game and the strategy. When someone gets hurt it is NOT fun. I was especially surprised because this facility had really excellent ratings on PbNation. Now granted, is bonus balling going to hurt someone? Probably not. However, when people act like a-holes with no repercussions, they are only encouraged to do it more. This ref seemed concerned about kids having fun but not teaching kids the right way to play or appropriate etiquette and is not doing anyone a favor, especially if they want to play at another facility. Once you ignore one rule, you might as well ignore them all. The sheer lackadaisical attitude of this guy was the most annoying. He isn’t there to be the clown, he is there to make sure everyone is safe and has a good time.

So conclusion of the story is I went in and spoke to who I think was the manager (I was just looking for whoever was manning the desk at the time) and told him I had some concerns. That I had a great day playing but that a few things stuck out to me as different as far as enforcement compared to other fields. He seemed very receptive and asked specifically what happened and the details. He said he would have a conversation to address it. Now I don’t think any penalization of the ref is necessary and wouldn’t expect that. I do think though it is easy for one to be complacent when doing the same job for a while and it is easy to forget why we have the rules that we do. Now I would say I would like to try out another field before returning to that one, however Wisconsin seems to lack decent fields so I am going to give Apocalypse another go this weekend. I have high hopes that with a different ref the results will be different. If not, I will surely let my loyal  readers know.

I hate to make negative posts, but I am not being an honest blogger without sharing my true experiences and frustrations. My next post I will prompt right now is also going to be negative as it will discuss my unfortunate experience of being ripped off by a PbNation user who sold me a faulty product and will not return my emails or my money. I promise after that to return to more exciting posts. I am hoping to go to Chicago PSP or play with Mark or Jordan soon, so you know those will return to being happy and excited about paintball.

I don’t have any pictures from this weekend (creepy to take pictures of strangers) so here is one of Elliott  (Purdue team) and one of Mark (mentioned in plenty of previous posts) who I happily learned will be playing  together for Chi Town Fury in an upcoming tournament! Two excellent players = butt kicking for sure.