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Below: Rob Trinkle, Alex Bilse, Joe Bedree


Nationals: Purdue v. Temple

Our first match of the day on Friday was against Temple. 7 of us flew down, and the rest made the 18+ hour drive from Indiana to Florida along with the gear bags. Thank you very much to the Leamers whose son played on the team a number of years ago, yet remain a strong supporter of the team. Our first match was slotted for 8am on Friday. Shockingly our team was not only on time, but early and ready to play. However, the field was working on normal “paintball time” and we began after 10am.

In comparison to World Cup, we had a varied set of guys play at Nationals. The roster is below:


Ryan Jasper
Nick Burchard
Dan Norcross
Alex Bilse
Rob Trinkle
Jake Loiben
Ade Dillon
Shelby Foster
Joe Bedree
James Allen
Ben Evans

Staff and Coaching:

Heather Owens
Chris Reed
Tyler Fields
Bob Cavazos
Nile Seward
Megan Ruder

Interestingly, RJ, Nick and Rob were part of the 2009 team that won Nationals. Coming out of “retirement” with the Purdue team, they decided to play together for one last time, as all 3 are graduating this spring (RJ and Rob from grad school and Nick from undergrad.) Additionally, Alex Bilse was also part of the 2009 Nationals team. They, along with Dan Norcross played as the primary line 1. Purdue’s strategy for the competition was not to underestimate any team we played for the day. Line 1 and 2 interchangeably played points to keep energy up and time to pod. We came out of the gate a bit slow with getting used to the field. I don’t think it helped that there was a long time of sitting around, but ready to play. However, Purdue after the first 5 minutes really hit their stride coming from behind. The final score was 6-5.

Pictures from Purdue v. Temple:

Team before the first match:

Rob Trinkle:

Alex Bilse:

Nick Burchard:

Ryan Jasper:

Dan Norcross:

Jake Loiben:

Ade Dillon:

Joe Bedree:

James Allen:

Shelby Foster:

Ben Evans: (Sorry Ben, it was too good not to post.)

End of match:

I will post about the other 3 matches following.

Spring Paintball

So over spring break I took my boyfriend to play paintball in Georgia. (The first time we had played together, but I believe he had played twice before.) We had a great time. There were some xball players there, however their home field team was at the Galveston PSP event. The staff was insanely nice and they even have “play 6 times, get the 7th free.” We played a mix of hyperball and scenario because there were the more beginner players playing those fields. It was more about having fun with my bf than trying to be super competitive. Just want to give a shout out to the field for a great time. If you’re in Georgia stop on by:

Also, Purdue went to NCPA Nationals this past weekend in Lakeland, Florida. I will do a couple posts regarding Nationals. Here is a little preview. Also coming up is the 2nd annual MBA game at Paintball Barn next Monday! Want to see my pictures from Nationals before I post them here? Head over to my Twitter:

Below is snake player Rob Trinkle

and Dan Norcross

Thank you!

I tipped over 2,500 blog views this week to 2,528. Thank you to everyone who has linked to me, viewed and commented!

We are very excited to have a Purdue film student following Purdue’s road to Nationals. I always wished I could clone myself so I could film and photograph at the same time. But now I don’t have to!

PB Update

So a more robust update that usual considering the lag between posts. Before the break we played at Chicagoland Paintball:

Above: Drew Alford playing snake.

We had a practice at Paintball Plex a couple weeks ago. A bunch of teams came out to play. This practice was a big determiner of who will be attending Nationals in April on lines 1, 2 or 3. Videos of a couple of the matches are here: The one is Line 1 below with the same group in the pic 2 below except substitute Dan Norcross for Brent Hulsey. Of course I get shot, hence the trying to move out of the line of snake for a bit:

Above: Ade Dillon

Above: Line 1 including Alex Bilse, Drew Alford, Jake Loiben, Zach Carnahan and a local player stepping in for the day, Brent Hulsey.

Finally: A paintball related commercial, but the hopper is on backwards!

Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone had luck on their finals (if you are still in school) and a wonderful holiday whether that be Christmas, Hanukkah or some other religious persuasion. I have some pics from a paintball outing from the beginning of December, but still need to upload them. In the mean time, feel free to laugh at my terrible skiing from the trip I went on with my boyfriend. It was my first time so no shame in my clumsiness!

Player Profile: Chris Reed

Chris Reed

Nickname: Jorts
Full-time Student, Junior, Network Engineering Technology
Hometown:  Beaverton, OR

Team:  Purdue, random teams when a tournament comes calling

Sponsors: Paintball BarnPaintball PlexHammerheadCrossfireNCL WorldwideRockstar Energy Drinks

Position: I say I play mid, but I am an aggressive player and almost always am in the front, but never on snake side. I’ve been known to play back when needed during a game, but I prefer mid/front.

How long you have been playing: About 6 years

Favorite field:  Proving Grounds back in the day. Great atmosphere and great fields, always people to play with.

How did you first become interested in the sport:  My friend asked me one Thursday at lunch If I wanted to play in a woodsball paintball tournament on Saturday. I said sure and was hooked ever since.

Why do you play:  For the thrill, I love playing tournaments because there’s more excitement and it’s more intense, but just shooting around and messing around with friends is fun.

Equipment: 2010 Planet Eclipse Ego, Purdue Crossfire Tank, Dye Rotor, Dye Ultralite/Hammerhead Barrel Kit, XSV Clutch Pants, Eclipse Elbow pads, Empire Events, Nike Cleats, Planet Eclipse Barrel Condom.

Notable wins or tournaments: MPPL Event 3, Second Place with Chi-town Fury. Paintball Plex 3 man, 4th Place. A bunch of smaller tournaments with places in top 5.

Things you are looking forward to  in the upcoming year:  NCPA Nationals with Purdue

Favorite paintball memory: I feel like after every event there’s something I’ll remember such as: that one game where if we would have gotten a call our way we would have won, or that one move that won us the game. Basically every event I have a favorite memory. Most recently it was a two on one for my team my player died and it was a one on one. I had say 20-40 paintballs, but I only needed one. It was the game that advanced us into semi-finals. I did a quick one shot snap shot and won the game for us.

Biggest piece of advice: Just remember gear isn’t everything. When I first started I wanted the nice clothes and best upgrades on my gun. Yet now five years later I play with a falling apart mask, pants that are 5 years old, an xxl black long sleeve from Walmart, a sandana that is just black. I usually never wash my clothes either (unless absolutely needed). Some of the best players I’ve known shot 4 or 5 year old guns and revvy loaders. Just saying, it’s a sport not a style.

Favorite pro team or player: Thomas “Troll” Taylor, #77 (XSV)

Fun fact: I have a separated shoulder which kept me out from playing my freshman year. I have a brother and sister that also attend(ed) Purdue.

Other comments: Always have fun, even in a tournament, you may hate one of your teammates for one game, but they will redeem themselves in another, even if they don’t they’re your teammate, remember that.