My Resolution with Comcast

If you will recall from my previous post, I interacted with a Comcast employee via Twitter. Well after writing on my blog I tweeted the link to 5 of the Comcast employees including @ComcastWill who helped me early on in my ordeal. Here is the interaction:

@howensuga i am very sorry i missed your tweet to me, just reviewed and i was out of the office that day. i did read your blog, (cont)

@howensuga (cont) i’d be happy to jump back in this and see what i can do to get this fully resolved.

@ComcastWill I am open to resolution, because I have nothing to lose. Planning to cancel service this week. Extremely disappointed in ESL.

@howensuga ok, thank you, i appreciate that. i’ll get to work on getting things taken care of and provide you with an update.

He then sent me 2 emails:

“Good evening Heather,

I wanted to drop you a line, with an update on things.  After reviewing the account notes and also the additional interactions/attempts to contact us, found in your blog, I’ve contacted my local executive leadership team, in an attempt to resolve this in a mutually beneficial way.  In a nutshell, I have insisted that we honor your request for compensation for the numerous calls and the overall poor experience. I see no reason why we cannot take care of you, as we should have done from the start.  I have  also asked that I am notified of when this occurs so that I may contact you to advise.  Again, I am sorry that I missed your updated tweet to me on June 13, I was in New York at a Social Media conference.  I will follow-up with you again tomorrow, Thursday June 28th, with the final results of things.”

“Good evening Heather,

I am not sure if you received my email yesterday (copied below) but I do have an update and hopefully this will be acceptable for you.  After reviewing the situation surrounding your installation, our local partners have agreed to apply an additional credit amount for $130.50, which when added with the current credit amount, brings the total to $205.05.  The amount credited to your account is the equivalent of two months of your current services.   If this is acceptable, I will notify them to apply the credit right away.  If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to ask and I will do my best to help answer or address them.”

I responded:

I did receive your email yesterday. I think that is definitely a fair solution and will consider the issue resolved when credited.

Thank you for your help,

So now I consider the issue resolved. I never made this post to simply bash Comcast, I made it to draw attention to the customer service issues with one of the largest cable and internet providers in the country. Amazing that out of 18 people I ultimately interacted with, only 1 was able to help me. I appreciate Will for taking the time to assist and making sure my issue was resolved without asking any more from me. I still stand by my last post that there is clearly an issue with the way their company operates and treats their customers. It wasn’t until I raised a public fit that I truly got attention. Alas it is evident there are a few good eggs at Comcast, like Will, who do care about their customers.


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