Player Profile: Bob Cavazos

A departure from Purdue for this player profile. Bob came to both Cup and Nationals to coach however, so he is part of the team to us! I only have pics of Bob coaching, so photo credit for the bottom photo goes to Endemic Paintball.


Bob Cavazos

Nickname: Heard them all (Bobby Boucher, Bob The Builder, Bob Saget, etc.)
Occupation/Major in School:  Senior in Business Administration at the University of Illinois in Springfield
Hometown:  Winthrop Harbor, Illinois

Team:  Endemic, LSD

Sponsors:  CPX Sports, KEE Action Sports, Ninja Air, 7Paintball Store, Empire

Position:  Snake and snake only. I won’t always be able to sacrifice my body to the sport, but while I’m young and fast, I will. I love the feeling prior to the buzzer of being able to take off as fast as I can, diving head first behind a bunker. There’s little more addicting in this world that I know of than having the other team worried about me in the snake and focusing a lot of their paint on me. Even better, them not knowing I’m in there and me lighting them up.

How long you have been playing:   Started in the backyard with friends from school in 7th grade… that would make it about 9 years.

Favorite field:  Sponsorships aside, hands down it has to be Pekin Paintball Park in Pekin, Illinois. I worked there for about a year and a half and got really close with the staff there. Made countless friends, had a blast being a ref and teaching the youngsters, plus it is outdoor turf with regulation PSP/NPPL field and bunkers. How can you beat that?

How did you first become interested in the sport:  Back in 7th grade a few friends from school were talking about paintball and had brought in some magazines. It looked like so much fun. I told them I had a wooded area in my backyard that I used to play airsoft in with my closest friends and it would be awesome if they came over that weekend to check it out. Got hooked ever since, never regretted a single dollar spent on the sport.

Why do you play: The biggest reason of course is the adrenaline rush. That feeling in you when you can feel your heart pounding is extremely addicting. Ego plays a small part as well, I desire to be better than my competitors and to be able to do it with my best friends is all the motivation I need. I’ve met countless friends through paintball, and have been able to travel and share memories with them I can never forget.

Equipment: Currently shooting a reverse regal Planet Eclipse GEO 2.1 with a rotor, and a Ninja air tank.

Notable wins or tournaments: Unfortunately I haven’t had a first place finish yet. I’ve had second place finishes, and plenty of third place finishes with my best friends and I wouldn’t trade any of those memories for a first place spot. Any tournament that involves significant travel is always a blast for me. The shenanigans in the car, the hotel, and on the field are well worth the sacrifice to play the sport.

Things you are looking forward to  in the upcoming year:   I’m getting really excited to play my first Division 3 X-Ball tournament at the 2012 Chicago PSP this year. The new group of guys I’ll be with should be a fun addition to the current best friends I have.

Favorite paintball memory: The one that comes to mind was at a small local field by my hometown. Myself and David Loper were done with practice for the day but had plenty of paint to shoot off. So we just jumped into a walk on game and had a hail of fire dropped onto us. Now Dave is a comforting individual, so I loudly yelled for Dave to “be my bunker” and he obliged… he saved me that day.

Biggest piece of advice: Set your ego aside, no one likes “that guy” that has to verbally let everyone know he thinks he’s the sh*t. Keep your mouth shut about your game, tag up to the start box and let your game do your talking for you.

Favorite pro team or player: Lucian Blackburn. This guy’s mentality is similar to my own. I want to get in my competitor’s face. If you’re not familiar with him, watch Cereal Killerz 2. “I like that feeling of this team had better put extra guns on me, because if they don’t then I’m gonna come and get ‘em.” -LB

Fun fact:  I’m a lefty, and I’m also the whitest full blooded Mexican that you’ll ever meet.  : )


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