Nationals: Purdue v. Temple

Our first match of the day on Friday was against Temple. 7 of us flew down, and the rest made the 18+ hour drive from Indiana to Florida along with the gear bags. Thank you very much to the Leamers whose son played on the team a number of years ago, yet remain a strong supporter of the team. Our first match was slotted for 8am on Friday. Shockingly our team was not only on time, but early and ready to play. However, the field was working on normal “paintball time” and we began after 10am.

In comparison to World Cup, we had a varied set of guys play at Nationals. The roster is below:


Ryan Jasper
Nick Burchard
Dan Norcross
Alex Bilse
Rob Trinkle
Jake Loiben
Ade Dillon
Shelby Foster
Joe Bedree
James Allen
Ben Evans

Staff and Coaching:

Heather Owens
Chris Reed
Tyler Fields
Bob Cavazos
Nile Seward
Megan Ruder

Interestingly, RJ, Nick and Rob were part of the 2009 team that won Nationals. Coming out of “retirement” with the Purdue team, they decided to play together for one last time, as all 3 are graduating this spring (RJ and Rob from grad school and Nick from undergrad.) Additionally, Alex Bilse was also part of the 2009 Nationals team. They, along with Dan Norcross played as the primary line 1. Purdue’s strategy for the competition was not to underestimate any team we played for the day. Line 1 and 2 interchangeably played points to keep energy up and time to pod. We came out of the gate a bit slow with getting used to the field. I don’t think it helped that there was a long time of sitting around, but ready to play. However, Purdue after the first 5 minutes really hit their stride coming from behind. The final score was 6-5.

Pictures from Purdue v. Temple:

Team before the first match:

Rob Trinkle:

Alex Bilse:

Nick Burchard:

Ryan Jasper:

Dan Norcross:

Jake Loiben:

Ade Dillon:

Joe Bedree:

James Allen:

Shelby Foster:

Ben Evans: (Sorry Ben, it was too good not to post.)

End of match:

I will post about the other 3 matches following.


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