PB Update

So a more robust update that usual considering the lag between posts. Before the break we played at Chicagoland Paintball:

Above: Drew Alford playing snake.

We had a practice at Paintball Plex a couple weeks ago. A bunch of teams came out to play. This practice was a big determiner of who will be attending Nationals in April on lines 1, 2 or 3. Videos of a couple of the matches are here: http://www.youtube.com/user/ugabulldog08. The one is Line 1 below with the same group in the pic 2 below except substitute Dan Norcross for Brent Hulsey. Of course I get shot, hence the trying to move out of the line of snake for a bit:

Above: Ade Dillon

Above: Line 1 including Alex Bilse, Drew Alford, Jake Loiben, Zach Carnahan and a local player stepping in for the day, Brent Hulsey.

Finally: A paintball related commercial, but the hopper is on backwards!


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