Player Profile: Chris Reed

Chris Reed

Nickname: Jorts
Full-time Student, Junior, Network Engineering Technology
Hometown:  Beaverton, OR

Team:  Purdue, random teams when a tournament comes calling

Sponsors: Paintball BarnPaintball PlexHammerheadCrossfireNCL WorldwideRockstar Energy Drinks

Position: I say I play mid, but I am an aggressive player and almost always am in the front, but never on snake side. I’ve been known to play back when needed during a game, but I prefer mid/front.

How long you have been playing: About 6 years

Favorite field:  Proving Grounds back in the day. Great atmosphere and great fields, always people to play with.

How did you first become interested in the sport:  My friend asked me one Thursday at lunch If I wanted to play in a woodsball paintball tournament on Saturday. I said sure and was hooked ever since.

Why do you play:  For the thrill, I love playing tournaments because there’s more excitement and it’s more intense, but just shooting around and messing around with friends is fun.

Equipment: 2010 Planet Eclipse Ego, Purdue Crossfire Tank, Dye Rotor, Dye Ultralite/Hammerhead Barrel Kit, XSV Clutch Pants, Eclipse Elbow pads, Empire Events, Nike Cleats, Planet Eclipse Barrel Condom.

Notable wins or tournaments: MPPL Event 3, Second Place with Chi-town Fury. Paintball Plex 3 man, 4th Place. A bunch of smaller tournaments with places in top 5.

Things you are looking forward to  in the upcoming year:  NCPA Nationals with Purdue

Favorite paintball memory: I feel like after every event there’s something I’ll remember such as: that one game where if we would have gotten a call our way we would have won, or that one move that won us the game. Basically every event I have a favorite memory. Most recently it was a two on one for my team my player died and it was a one on one. I had say 20-40 paintballs, but I only needed one. It was the game that advanced us into semi-finals. I did a quick one shot snap shot and won the game for us.

Biggest piece of advice: Just remember gear isn’t everything. When I first started I wanted the nice clothes and best upgrades on my gun. Yet now five years later I play with a falling apart mask, pants that are 5 years old, an xxl black long sleeve from Walmart, a sandana that is just black. I usually never wash my clothes either (unless absolutely needed). Some of the best players I’ve known shot 4 or 5 year old guns and revvy loaders. Just saying, it’s a sport not a style.

Favorite pro team or player: Thomas “Troll” Taylor, #77 (XSV)

Fun fact: I have a separated shoulder which kept me out from playing my freshman year. I have a brother and sister that also attend(ed) Purdue.

Other comments: Always have fun, even in a tournament, you may hate one of your teammates for one game, but they will redeem themselves in another, even if they don’t they’re your teammate, remember that.

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