Terrible at posting

Finally back in Indiana! Again I have run into some more discouraging comments from WI players. Eh, can’t please everyone. I think people forget I’m a new player and also shockingly entitled to my own opinion. I think the saying is a few bad apples ruin the bunch. To kill the issue I am not approving any further comments nor mentioning the topic from here on out. Just silly. I have yet to have a bad experience in Indiana or Illinois and am glad to say I am back around playing with a fantastic group of encouraging teachers and friends.

Since returning to school, Purdue had their try-outs with almost 40 people showing interest! This is fantastic. A group of 18 was selected for x-ball for World Cup. I can say the talent on this team is STACKED. I can’t wait to see what they can do in Lakeland next month. I was also fortunate to receive a media pass thanks to Jake. I played at try-outs for fun and boy did I get shown what’s what. A classmate of mine said I looked like I belonged in a trailer park with all my bruises. Being an easy bruiser doesn’t help the cause in that respect. In addition to try-outs, there was an afternoon of play at Paintball Barn with alumni and anyone who wanted to come out and play. That was a really fun time. Finally, I played in a scenario game at Fort Knox. It was a very well run event and a new venue for me. I think for now I will stick to airball so I can better work on my fundamentals but it was cool to see families and groups of friends get completely immersed in character and missions. Short post for how much has gone on, but I will stay on top of it better moving forward. Again, thanks to those who encourage new players and have helped me with advice along the way. Love you guys!

Below is Spencer, a new member of the team at the Paintball Barn fun day of play.


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