Player Profile: Jordan Walker

Shame on me for the delay in updating. I haven’t had much to say as I haven’t been playing lately. The internship and going to DCI shows has taken up a lot of my time. So to keep this going until the fall or the next time I play, I will be posting a series of paintball player profiles. Who more appropriate than the person who dragged me along to the first paintball tournament this year but to start the profiles with Jordan. Enjoy.

Jordan Walker

Nickname:  Dr. House/Cripple/Gimpy/Old Balls
Occupation:  May 2011 Graduate Ungainfully Unemployed
Hometown:  Avon, IN

Team:  Purdue (former), looking…

Position: Back/Fill

Sponsors:  Team Sponsors + Local Store and Field

How long you have been playing:  9 years on and off

Favorite field:  Fort Knox – It’s Casual/Scenario Heaven, even if they don’t cater to my preferred play style.

How did you first become interested in the sport:  Started playing with some friends in a car dump that someone owned with guns bought from Wal-Mart/Galyan’s.  Used to bust windshields with Co2 tanks… how smart.

Why do you play:  Adrenaline, pure and simple.

Equipment:  Etek3, Rotor, Ninja 68/45, Critical 4+3.

Notable wins or tournaments:  N/A, casual for the most part.

Things you are looking forward to  in the upcoming year:  Depends on what my job situation looks like, but I’d like to continue to play and get better, maybe play local tournaments or NPPL/PSP events close to me.  Also, might be staffing for Purdue at NCPA.

Favorite paintball memory:  Fort Knox Big Game Purdue Wrecking Crew.

Biggest piece of advice:  Don’t be afraid of getting hit, it will ruin your day.  The apprehension is worse than the actual hit.

Favorite pro team or player:  Tyler Harmon, hilarious guy that’s coming up hard and fast. Favorite team is probably Joy Division (RIP), though I enjoy seeing Mutiny do well representing Indy.

Fun fact:  I play brass instruments and instruct musicians.

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