Reply To Apocalypse

So this comment was submitted on another page, but I feel it is most appropriate here as it references a specific post. I would also like to respond to some of the points brought up. Of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion, which is why I have no problems allowing it viewed on my page. I will start with, if you had read more than one of my blog posts, then you know I tend to avoid reviews or controversy. This blog is only as my opinion, and it only ever portrayed as such. I call myself no expert, or authority in anything related to paintball and more wrote the last post at the encouragement of friends who said I should share my experience. That said, the comment is in bold below and my response in normal text.

Your recent review of Apocalypse I feel was rather unfair. Again, I just told the story and my opinion. If someone disagrees then that certainly is their prerogative. I am not going and posting on PbNation, creating a call to action or anything like that, just sharing my experience. Unfair doesn’t really count if it is a personal opinion. Having know a majority of the referees, with the exception of a few new referees in the last couple of seasons, I must say you are obviously “new” in the world of paintball. This is stated very clearly throughout my blog. If you took the time to look around, it even tracks me getting my first gun, so I feel there is no hidden secret that I am new. You commented in the “About” section which says “Beginner”. Bonus balling is something that occurs unfortunately in the sport where a ball is not guaranteed to break. Agreed. Not only once, but two to three times is common every time you are shot out. If your hands are not above your head, you will be shot again. Also agreed. If you read my post carefully you will notice the person who bonus balled me is not the person who got me out and my hand was raised. I have been bonus balled before, no big deal (especially with all the paint that flies during hyperball or airball it can be difficult to tell when you get an opponent out until they call themselves). Again, the bonus balling itself was not the problem in this case, it was when and how it was done.
This particular instance I was there. The referee came up to the top of the Keep because you were “WIPING” paint and were called out by another player, it’s amazing your “issue” with Apocalypse Paintball occurred only after you were called for cheating. This is a 100% fabrication and the primary reason I want to respond to your post. In one of the castle games I was hit at the end of the hopper (broke mostly on the neck of the hopper) and I did not notice as it hit primarily in a location I could not see from behind the gun. The ref came over for a paint check (based on the person who hit me, which was a good shot) and pointed out where I was hit, and I agreeably removed myself from the game. I even said, “Oh sorry, I definitely did not notice it there.” You can ask anyone in that tower with me that I was frequently checking to see if I was hit, as we were getting pummeled, to make sure I was still in. As someone who has clearly played before, paint checks are common because you aren’t always going to see where you are hit. The only thing I have ever wiped during a game was gunk out of the end of my gun. Now let me refute your claim a number of ways: First, if I was wiping paint, how would the hot pink splatter still be on my tank when the ref came by? It even took him a second to see where I was shot and took a teammate after the game to point out I had pretty much missed wiping any of it off after I toweled my gun. Second, this is amateur play, not a tournament, not an intense match. There is 0 incentive to cheat. Personally, you may notice my clothes don’t get very dirty when I play, and no way am I going to wipe paint on them unnecessarily. In that case, if I am not wiping it on myself, where am I wiping it? I did not carry my towel that day, and I certainly am not going to wipe my nice gun on wood. You will notice after every game I am shot I am in line with everyone else for the rag to wipe my gun. If I am already wiping, why would I need to do that? I hate to say though, in addition, if I was wiping and that was what I was called out for (which it was NOT) then my hope would be the ref would sit me out for intentional cheating which plays right into my argument of encouraging people to follow the rules. Cheating is a serious allegation and is misplaced here.

Lady Paintball, you do not represent the sport, and you should not be writing a blog in regards to it. I appreciate anyone taking the time to write  a comment and give feedback. I have never claimed to represent the sport, but if purely being a novice excludes me from the right of any opinion or sharing of experiences, then it certainly does not align with what I have heard at every field I have played at: We want to keep new players playing and get them to enjoy the sport.

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