So as I have mentioned in earlier posts, Mark has an awesome art business: Grindtallic. Well below is my testimonial and the piece of art he did for my Mom for Mother’s Day. Being from Georgia, I wanted him to incorporate a dogwood tree and a young girl. He took the rest from there and it turned out great!

I can not thank you enough for the piece of artwork you did for my Mom for Mother’s Day. You listened to my idea and took it to the next level, creating something beautiful that exceeded my expectations. I was on the phone with my Mom when she opened the package the day before I left for a month long trip out of the country. Her first response, being “OH!” thinking it was just something very pretty. When I explained to her that it was specially made just for her and the meaning behind it, she started to cry: tears of joy of course! She thought it especially neat that I was friends with the artist. While still on the same call she was already wandering around the house with the piece, explaining how amazing it looked in the light and trying to figure out a prominent place to hang it. She has even gone as far as to paint a piece of furniture just to hold a lamp to shine on the art in our kitchen (which has the most sunshine in the house). She has been showing it off to family and friends. My Grandma viewed it online from halfway across the country and exclaimed: “It is absolutely beautiful and I’m sure you’ll treasure it always!!”. My Aunt saw it in person and sent me an email, “I know your mom will always treasure the art/sculpture you had made for her for Mother’s Day–I saw it on Friday—-so thoughtful and it just captures the light!” Finally my Mom sent me an email the day following her receipt saying, “Thank you so much for the gift. I have been walking around the house with it to find the perfect place to hang it.  It definitely needs light to show to its best advantage.  I have an idea of where I might put it……I will take a pic when I get it up.  I love the thought you put into this and the symbolism……I will always cherish it.” Not only is it a conversation starter, but also something unique and personal that I would not have been able to gift without your help. Thank you!

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