MBAs Face Off

This past Thursday, 42 of my MBA classmates and I traveled out to Paintball Barn to engage in a fun afternoon of paintball. Paintball Barn was generous enough to give us a great deal of just $20 for all rental gear and 200 paintballs (though many ended up purchasing extra paint). The Krannert Graduate Student Government, for which I am VP of Event Management, subsidized the event so each person only had to pay $10. MBAs are insanely busy and it can sometimes be difficult to get them to put down the books/cases to come out to social events. I was so thrilled so many of my classmates were willing  to not only pay a small fee but travel off of campus for the event. We started off with a scrimmage game of 5 of the Purdue players and I so everyone could get a feel of what the game was about. I think my classmates were very shocked to see me decked out with my own gun and gear. They are used to seeing me dressed up for class every day (I won’t even wear t-shirts to class because I find it too unprofessional). There I was ready to shoot them up!

The scrimmage game was a good start as very few had played paintball before. Next we split into two groups to play a few games. I could tell everyone was a bit nervous at first. After everyone had been hit once though, it seemed the comfort level greatly increased. People started to strategize and really communicated with each other. We have quite a few MBAs with military backgrounds. This is in part to the school’s relationship with the Coast Guard and the fact that many Asian countries require 1-2 years of military service. They were really amazing at crouching behind bunkers together and moving from bunker to bunker. I was very impressed. After we played games broken up into groups, we played a massive First Year v. Second Year MBA game. Now one thing I am proud of is that any times I got shot out was by Purdue players. However I know this was also strategic. The Purdue guys were going easy on the MBAs so not to freak people out by being completely annihilated. They told me though, that since my lime green mask is so easy to pick out, once they saw me, they were going to go for me. I am happy to say I only ended up with 2 bruises on my left leg from Pan and 1 from Jordan who shot me in retaliation for a cheap shot after the games were over. However some of my classmates who were gunning for me also would shoot me after I was out just for fun. Normally this would disqualify them, but I knew going in some folks wanted to shoot me, so I did not mind. The first First Year v. Second Year game ended up with the First Years losing. The second game, however went on for much longer than I expected. Each team definitely held their own. I was so proud that left on the First Year team was Amy (my module 1 teammate from Taiwan, a classmate named Calvin and Eric, one of the Purdue players). Amy also got 10 people to sign up for the event with her. Thanks Amy! They ended up taking down one of the Army Second Years and the 4 others left from their team. I was so proud! What was also great was the cheering from the sidelines for all of our classmates. The event had over 50% international attendees and a great mix of first year and second year students. To see groups of people who would not normally hang out together band together was awesome. I solicited feedback from everyone who attended and it was met with RAVE reviews. Everyone absolutely wants this event to become an annual or semi-annual activity. I serve as VP of Events through next March, so I will definitely make sure it happens again. I am happy I could introduce so many new people to the sport and many of them are asking when we can go out and play again.

A special thank you goes out to the members of the Purdue Paintball Team who served as referees, coaches and members of the team: Jordan Walker, Jake Loiben, Kyle Lorch, Alex Pan, Chris Reed, Eric Jungling and Joe Bedree. They all came out as a favor to me and did a great job encouraging folks and acting as coaches. I absolutely love these guys. Thank you!!

I sent my Mom some of the pics from the outing and she writes me back saying, “I used to have this little girl in dresses and bows.  Where did she go??  LOL.  Looks like it was great fun.  Good job!!” I reassured her that I still wear dresses every other day of the week. I sent her the picture of me from the previous post and she replied, “You’re scarin’ me!  Hey, make sure you don’t get hit in the eye or face.  I know you wear masks…..but remember, I saw your arm and what happened when you weren’t supposed to get hit!!” I guess it is a Mom’s job to worry.

As a follow up to my previous post on April 5, I indeed had lunch with the Dean. We spent the first 15 minutes talking about paintball! Ironic.


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