My Mom is in town for the day from Georgia with my little dog and I felt it was appropriate to include the post (though slightly non-paintball related). A few posts back you saw me write about Mark’s art business Grindtallic. Well I have decided to have him make a piece for her for Mother’s Day. I will be in India for the month of May, so it will be a nice surprise for her to receive while I am away. I am super excited as my Mom and I both have a great appreciation for art but she has never had something made for her personally. I gave Mark some guidance on colors that will match her house and the sort of story/symbolism I would like (if your Mom is like mine they love cheesy stuff). The rest is up to him though as I trust his artistic vision. I will definitely post pictures when it is all complete and tell you how my Mom cried when she received it (again with the cheesy). On a partially related note: my Mom saw the arm injury I got from J and was horrified! I don’t think she realized paintball can actually bruise you or make you bleed if you’re stupid and wear short sleeves. Luckily I can cover it up relatively easily with my shirt. I am having lunch with the Dean next week and am not sure that it would be oh so great to have bloody welts to explain. Definitely have to beware of some of the neck injuries I have seen others receive. A little more difficult to hide!

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