Purdue Paintball Practice

What a lovely 75 degree day here. I went out to the Purdue practice for a bit. I did not play due my fatigue. I only slept one hour on Friday due to the Big 10 Case Competition (where we placed 3rd). I photographed a bit. My mistake with the warm weather was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Photographing I have never been hit on my top half unless I ended up in a line behind snake. I rationalized getting hit on the bare leg was tolerable. Of course there is a first time for everything. J shot at Mike as he ran through to D1 to bunker him. I think J shot at him 12 times and only 2 burst… on me! I have some nice bloody welts now. Thanks to Zach who tried to cover me the best he could. The picture below shows the ball that resulted in the injuries. The rest of the new pictures are up in photobucket. As always, the Purdue guys are an absolute delight. I also have set the date for our MBA paintball game: April 14! I am hoping we get a decent number of people out to play as I know it will be a lot of fun. Not sure when the next update will be as I am at another case competition this upcoming weekend. I know some of the guys are getting together to play for J’s birthday though. Perhaps I will be able to join them on Sunday. In either case: Happy Birthday Jordan!!

The resulting injury pre-bruising:

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