Paintball Indiana 3 Man Tournament

This past weekend was the Paintball Indiana 3 Man Tournament. The weather forecast originally called for snow on Sunday, but luckily that held off. However, it was very cold in the morning with most people starting with 4-5 layers on before play. I believe the chilly weather is what caused so many people to be late that morning (not Purdue players). The tournament started an hour and a half late which made for a very long day. Luckily Rockstar sponsors Purdue, so everyone stayed well-caffeinated. We originally planned to stay for open plan after the tournament, but we were not done until after 5:30pm. Everyone was completely exhausted.

The field itself sits essentially in a river basin and is quite sandy. Most players had problems at least once during the day with either hopper problems or sand in their barrel which led to some frustration. Four lines played with one making it to the finals and ultimately winning the tournament. Congrats to Jake, Alex and Elliott! Elliott definitely wins my award for most photogenic. If you look through my pictures he is the one with the yellow lens. His snake playing and awesome slides make for some great photos. All the players in attendance were very cool (although I did get shot in the face once as the opponent did not realize I was photographing not playing). That sort of hazard comes with the territory when you are on that side of the net in my opinion. There was one older gentleman playing for a team that shall remain nameless who drank too much however and certainly developed quite a mouth on him. People like him can ruin a good time for everyone especially when he is discouraging young players.

A good practice and time for everyone involved. There is most likely going to be a practice this weekend at Paintball Barn. Due to an unfortunate eye condition I was just diagnosed with I am supposed to avoid running or any sort of jostling activities for 6 weeks. Stupid me waited 3 weeks to even see the doctor, so I guess only 3 weeks to go? This may prevent me from playing for a while. TBD on that.

I am currently moving my photos to photobucket and have uploaded my pictures from this weekend there. imgur is limiting how many photos show at a time, which isn’t very useful. In the next week or two I will move them over to my new account. I took 2000 this weekend and edited about 300 that I deemed publish-worthy. The new link is on my photo tab. Enjoy!

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