Upcoming Tournament

I am going to try and update this thing more frequently. What fun is a blog if you post once every two weeks? If you have any requested topics, let me know and I will be happy to oblige. I could tell you all about the team meetings, club officer stuff, schoolwork and GRE studying for my PhD I have to do! (Just kidding on the posting about it, not kidding on the amount of “junk” I do throughout the week. Oh grad school!). Thought I would first preface the tournament this weekend. It will be at Paintball Indiana on Sunday and is a sold out 3 man tournament. I believe Purdue is sending 4 lines. The field has kindly given me permission to photograph. Because it is outside, it is sure to be better lighting than the indoor pictures from the last tournament. Only downside: It is supposed to be 30-40 degrees out on Sunday. That is a bit brisk for my Georgia taste. At least they are not forecasting snow anymore. And to think it has been almost 70 here the last 2 days!

Also I got in my final package from Raza. Cutest headband ever! It’s polka dots. I am not overly girly girl (though some of my guy friends may disagree), but one thing I don’t want is a headband with profanity or illegal drugs on it. Not so much my style. With this, I FINALLY have all of J’s birthday gifts in. Hopefully he’ll let me take pictures of his swag when he opens it.

And finally, a shoutout to Conradt. I posted on PbNation in a Wisconsin field discussion near where I will be living this summer. He shot me a message welcoming me and offering assistance. I look forward to documenting my playing over the summer with a new batch of friends!

Below is sweet little Devon who is one of the politest young men you will ever meet… and will also shoot the crap out of you.


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