Today was the perfect day for paintball! First of all, I got in all of my gear from Zephyr and ANS and excitedly opened it up with J this past weekend. It was like a mini-Christmas! I am going to link what I got at the the bottom so as not to take up space in the post. I will plan to do a full gear review, just my opinion of course, once I have a chance to play with everything one more time. I had the pleasure of playing with one Mr. Mark Klett today. We met at Crossfire in Dyer (Mark is pictured in my first post). Mark recently joined Chi-Town Fury and has been playing since he was 8. That is just impressive, as is his playing. He was kind enough to give me some pointers and help me put together all of my gear yesterday. Today we got out to the field around 10am where it felt a bit chilly but perfect once we ran around. There were a LOT of people there, both private groups and open play folks alike. Badlandz is a pretty extensive facility. There are lots of fields to play on (though airball won’t start until it is warm more consistently). Hyperball was insanely muddy but a little dirt never hurt anyone, except for my Nike Shox. I need some cleats. Because I was on a team with Mark every time, we did not play with the beginners most of the day. I actually enjoyed this more as it really posed a challenge and lots of the younger kids play beginner and they are so afraid of being hit, I almost feel bad! (See earlier posts on that). I only photographed for 2 quick hyperball games, so there are less than 100 pictures from today as I didn’t want to sit out. Go to my photos tab to see where you can view the pictures. And of course there are none of me playing. Always the photographer, never the photographed!

One beef I have with being a girl in paintball or a girl in general is boys are stupid. Out of the open players (maybe 40-50 throughout the day?) I was one of 3 girls. The first two games I got 5 people out each game. The second one I was one of 2 people left behind a bunker and someone turns to Mark and says, “Your girlfriend should just call herself out because she is going to get shot up”. Now really. I feel like I proved myself today for the most part and even surprised myself by shooting a whole case of paint when I originally only bought a half. I didn’t get hit very often (1 -mask, 1-head, 3-finger, 1-arm, 1-chest) out of 6-ish hours of almost straight play. J suggested I was not being aggressive enough when I told him this. However, I moved around quite a bit and when I wasn’t I was covering someone else so they could move up. I did not survive to be the last person in 2 games for no reason and it wasn’t because I cowering behind a back bunker like some players. I know I naturally draw attention to myself by being one of a few females, which is no big deal as I am used to mostly male environments. But things like this annoy me: one guy suggested me getting him out today was luck. However it was him looking left and me lighting him up from the right. I don’t expect credit where credit isn’t due, but don’t go easy on me unless I am photographing (or you are at point blank range, thanks to the one guy for barrel tagging me instead of killing me in that game). Don’t treat me like some dainty flower. I appreciate the guys who want to help me refill my tank, put my pods in my pack, fix my barrel, help me move up if there is opportunity (read: Mark for all the previous, and some other nice guys). But I also know if we had been on different teams, he would have had no qualms about shooting me. End rant.

I had a FANTASTIC time today. What a great way to end my spring break. I could do this every weekend if I wasn’t so busy and it wasn’t a bit pricey. The guys were fun to play with, the weather was perfect, I got to play with my new gun, which people called pretty so goal achieved on the color choice! Badlandz was super fun and I will definitely go back, hopefully with J next time. I owe it to him that I got back into this and for all my gear choices. Thank you!

Below: Two future Chi-Town Fury teammates snake v. snake

And now a well deserved plug: in addition to being one of those smart engineers and stupid good paintball players, Mark also does some really amazing art. Not only is it really awesome looking, but super reasonably priced. What a unique and cool gift this would make for someone. Just saying. Take a look around his website here: Grindtallic. And then like it on facebook here!

Finally the gear I got:
Tank cover
I got a “cute” polka dot headband from Raza but they are swamped in tournament orders and it will be a bit before I get that in.

I also bought a used air tank online that did not come in the condition it was described online. I am giving the guy a few more days to resolve the situation before I blast him on here as well as pbnation. Annoying. I ordered a small tank (Mark let me borrow his, but it even felt a tad big for me). The tank he uses himself is gigantic. Must be a tall person thing. And below I have one of his barrels on my gun as mine was not being very cooperative with some less than amazing paint.

COMING SOON: Purdue is playing in an Indy Tournament on March 26th. Good luck fellas!

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