New Gear!

So two posts in one day seems to defeat the purpose of a blog. However, I am going to give myself a free pass as I am in grad school and we had finals this week. Hence the delay of the last post by 6 days. I also author for our school blog. Personal plug right there. So I am very excited because I just ordered a lot of paintball gear. The theme is green and black: my two favorite colors. Yes, I know you can argue black is not a color, but let’s not get into technicalities here. I am fortunate to be sponsored by Zephyr Paintball which allows me to get gear at a reasonable price (though they are one of the most economical paintball gear suppliers anyway). I also bought some things from ANS gear that Zephyr did not have. I ordered last night around 8:30pm and I got email notices that both companies shipped my items this afternoon. That is impressive. I’ll wait to post what I got until I get the gear. I am going to NYC for a week, so I am hoping I can get UPS to hold everything until I return. This is also me preempting another post-less week. I am going to Purdue’s practice at Paintball Barn tomorrow and hope to get a lot more action shots. Jordan said I should play, but I’d rather save my money from renting until I have all my own gear. It is supposed to rain/snow tomorrow. Nikon and precipitation don’t get along, so it might be a Flip day if that is the case. I now have my laptop back, but lost everything, so I have to go and re-edit all my pictures. I am lucky in that my camera holds almost 1800 pictures so I still had all the original files on there when I lost my hard drive to the great PC heaven in the sky. However, I do have all the pictures from this last weekend I edited and they are currently linked in my Photos tab. Check it out! In the mean time, enjoy this:

Coming Soon: Paintball Indiana 3 Man Competition at the end of March!

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