Purdue Paintball Practice

I photographed and videoed Purdue’s practice this past weekend. I enjoyed meeting a new group of people and also getting to film outside (so much better lighting on even a cloudy day than inside an arena). One unfortunate byproduct I did not expect was standing a little too close to snake, and getting myself as well as my Flip shot. Luckily the sturdy little camera was fine and all I got was yellow jeans and some faint bruises. I stayed for a few hours but did not get as many action still shots as I would have liked. This was the first time I saw the Paintball Barn facility and think it will be a good size for our MBA group. Hopefully it will be a bit warmer next time. The 30 degree temperature definitely necessitated my borrowing Jordan’s coat and staying in my heated car as long as possible. Tomorrow we’re leaving bright and early (6am) for a tournament at PaintballPLEX. The Purdue team just received their new jerseys from Raza, so the pictures should turn out nicely. Lucky me is being gifted Jordan’s “old” (read: barely worn) jersey. Fingers crossed that the rain holds out tomorrow!

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