Welcome to Paintball!

A little background: I played paintball a few times over the last few years, but not in any frequency. A friend/neighbor (Jordan) invited me along to play at Crossfire Reball in Dyer, Indiana. As a first year MBA student, the environment is high stress, and it is common to remain in our business school from 12 to 16 hours a day with the same 300-ish classmates. Needless to say, paintball is an awesome way to burn off this stress, and get to know a new group of people and hang out with non-MBA friends. I enjoyed playing so much, that I decided to pick this up as a more serious hobby. I am currently preparing to sink some money into completely outfitting myself with a gun, mask, etc. Up to this point, I rented these items. I applied and was accepted for sponsoring by zephyrpaintball.com. I appreciate their support of a new player!

I played at Crossfire again this past weekend. If you look at the video section, all of them take place at Crossfire. Many of the players are young boys (ages 12-15) and at first I felt a little uncomfortable shooting them. However, realizing that was a one-sided sentiment, I soon let go of that hesitation. I was encouraged by a few other players to shoot my friend after the game was over, so I did from about 30 feet away. Well he quickly turned around and returned the favor, leaving me a delightful 3 in. diameter black bruise on the inside of my thigh. My first long-lasting mark from playing. I guess I deserved it however. I am trying to keep from being shot too badly, as I still need to keep up professional appearances for school.

I am currently working with the Purdue Rec paintball team (2009 Collegiate National Champions) and Paintball Barn to organize a paintball outing for the Purdue MBA/MSIA/MSHRM/MSF students. I am fortunate that our Krannert Student Government Association is financially supporting my efforts. Our plan is to have an event for up to 50 players in April. We are a very international program, and many of our Korean military students have expressed a strong interest in getting involved. I look forward to opening up a new group of people to the activity!

I will be filming and photographing the Purdue team this weekend and will provide another update then. I hope you will view my videos and photos on the pages indicated.


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